Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher

The healing method I practice and teach — Christian Science — cures minds and bodies without drugs, hygiene, surgery, or other material means. This method of Christ-healing is metaphysical and scientifically spiritual, and treatment consists of prayer alone — specific, scientific, Christian prayer. This system rests on one basis — the divine Mind — and departs not from Christ Jesus’ own words and works.

The Master’s promise, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)” is timeless. It’s to you, me, everyone. As the ages advance in spirituality, this Science is meeting humanity’s spiritual yearning for a more spiritual, practical Christianity, saving from disease as surely as sin, and proving its Principle to be divine Love.

Everyone’s spirituality is precious, important, special. If your spiritual journey is a hand-in-hand walk with God, Spirit, and you’re ready to know more of your true spirituality and His healing love that your walking with Him naturally includes, feel free to contact me.